Tuesday, August 2, 2011


 Chloe left nail polish out (2 brand new bottles) and Claire thought shaking them and splattering it all over the bathroom was a great idea.
 Due to the first ever Snow Day at the school, the 3rd grade gingerbread house making day had to be postponed til after Christmas break.

 Little Miss Independent getting her jammies on all by herself.

 My friend's family stayed with us for a week while their house was getting finished and the kids had a blast.  Here's Caleb and Kayson.

 Jeff's Grandpa's 90th birthday party in Idaho.

 Claire loves her friend Ava.  They played together one day and had a blast!
They're so cute together.

 All the kids

 Carson got his first tooth on the 20th!

 The boys

Cute little Carson asleep in the high chair

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