Monday, January 11, 2010

It's a.......

If you missed Caleb's hilarious reaction to when we found out Claire was a girl check it out here

In case you're wondering why there was such a delayed reaction, I think it's because of this. Long story so if you don't care than you don't have to read....

We showed them the pictures first. Caleb had asked if he could read what it was because Chloe read it when we found out with Claire. So we gave them the pictures and all you could see of the words were, "It's a" because the part where it said boy/girl was written on white so you had to looks super close. Chloe looked really close and blurted out "it's a...!!!" and before Caleb could think about what she said, he cried because HE was supposed to get to read it. So I told him that Chloe couldn't even read what it said because it was all white and I showed him and he believed me. Then I got a piece of paper and wrote on it and told him that that was the secret paper that told what it really was. So I think he had to process it for a minute to make sure it was true!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

From Chloe.....Chloe wanted to make a fashion video and put it on the blog so if you want information call her!