Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Fun in SLC!

Chloe and Caleb doing the weather report. They're looking at themselves on TV!

When my mom was here we went and ate at The Garden restaurant and then to the Planetarium at the Gateway.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Chloe's First Day of School!!!

Caleb, Chloe and Grammy at Magelby's
Chloe on the first day in front of the school
Chloe and Mommy

Chloe, Caleb, Mommy and Daddy

Caleb, Chloe and Grandma

Chloe and Caleb
Chloe and Daddy
Chloe and GrammyChloe putting her backpack in her cubby
Chloe at Leatherby's after school

I can't believe Chloe is in Kindergarten. Here are some pictures of her first day. I'm way behind!!! It was so fun taking her to school. My mom came out to see her go to school on her first day which made Chloe feel pretty special that Grammy was coming out just to see her start school. We started off the day by going to Magelby's for breakfast. Then we took her to school (she's in the afternoon class). She was super excited. She had met the teacher already a couple times so she was totally ready to go. Jeff's mom works at the school so she came out to see her too. My family has a tradition of going to Leatherby's after school on the first and last day so we had to keep that going. There's a Leatherby's in Provo, so we went there. I must say that it is very good, but the Citrus Heights one is definitely better, the atmosphere, the hot fudge...huh, mom? We had a great time and I'm so glad my mom could come be a part of it! Thanks mom!!!
Since then, Chloe has been doing excellent. She is reading super well, and really improving her writing skills. She used to write in all caps, but now she's writing the "Larsen Leopard" way, with lower case. We walk her into school every day and it's cute because she and Caleb always give eachother a hug and kiss to say goodbye. I got to go help in her class last week and it was so fun. There is a little girl named Olivia that Chloe just loves and plays with a lot. It is kind of funny because they actually kind of look alike. People have asked if they are sisters. We went to Olivia's house to play yesterday. She has one little brother that is 3 just like Caleb, so it is perfect and they all play so well together. She's having a blast!!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Meeting the Football Players

BYU was having their annual "Meet all the BYU sports players" event. I can't remember what it's really called. But OF COURSE we were there. Caleb LOVED meeting the football players. They had little drills set up and he went through it 4 or 5 times. He loved doing drills with the football players. It was really cute. Chloe was way more interested in meeting the Cheerleaders!
We also of course got season tickets to the BYU games. We went to the first one a couple weeks ago and had so much fun. The second home game is on Saturday, and they better win or I'm going to stay at Monica's or somewhere for a couple days!! Jeff will go crazy if another one of his teams loses again this week!

Sunday, August 12, 2007


Avery, Ashlyn, Caleb, Chloe and Hannah

The whole gang at California Adventure
Grammy, Chloe and Daddy on the Grizzly Rapids ride
Grammy, Kate, Avery, Caleb and Chloe
Caleb and Daddy
The kids LOVED playing in the water area, they all looked like they had jumped into a swimming pool!
Caleb needs his naps!
Chloe and Grammy
Ashlyn, Hannah, Aver, Caleb and Chloe
Lindsey, Allyson and Grammy
Caleb and Mommy taking a break

Ashy, Hannah, Avery, Chloe, Caleb, Kate, Kyler, Mason and Grammy
The kids with Cinderella at the Princess meet and greet!
The fam on Pirates of the Carribean
Chloe and Abbie

Josh, Jeff, Kyler and Tim

At the end of the 2nd day!

Chloe was just too pooped to stay awake.

The Thomas Family (minus a few!) went to Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure for two days! Most would think we were crazy...9 kids and 7 adults!! I used to think that families in matching clothes was a little silly, but Lindsey bought red shirts for all the kids and it made it SOOOO much easier to keep track of them. I highly recommend getting the kids bright matching shirts to anyone going with more than one kids! It was so much fun and the kids had a blast. Chloe loved being with her cousins, who she misses terribly since we have moved to Utah.