Monday, September 29, 2008

We had so much fun having Grammy here with us for 10 days and were sad when she had to go home. Here are a few highlights!! Warning: LOTS of pictures!



Everytime Grammy comes, there are 2 places we always go....Wingers and Red Robin. She LOVES the wings at Wingers. And we all just love Red Robin so much that we go there too!!

Claire's first time in a high chair! She did great, but I think it will be a little more comfy when she's sitting up on her own!

Caleb got invited to a Pirate Party on Friday and Chloe didn't have school, so the girls went and got pedicures. They have a really fun "girl's" room. I think it's used mainly for birthday parties where they do hair, makeup, etc. They did our pedicures in there.

They have a runway. There is a flat screen on the wall where you can watch yourself walking down it. Chloe had a lot of fun with it! Watch the video....(sorry it starts out sideways)

Chloe THOUROGHLY enjoyed the pedicure. Every once in a while she'd take a deep breath and was pretty cute!



This time of year is so pretty up in the mountains with all the leaves changing colors. We drove up Payson Canyon to Payson Lakes and walked around the lake.

And yes, if you noticed...I dyed my hair. Not a great picture. It turned out WAY darker than we thought ( my mom helped me). But it's semi-permanent so it will wash out!

We took a trip to Salt Lake City Cemetary to see where President Hinckley was buried, and a few other church leaders. It was pretty neat...we had never been there before!


Another place we end up going is the Garden Restaurant on the top floor of the Joseph Smith memorial building. It's yummy and has really cool views!

In front of the Salt Lake Temple


It's always so hard when she has to leave, or we have to leave Cali. Chloe is for sure in tears every time. We had fun there too though!

Gross picture of me, but I had to be in one

I don't know what Jeff's doing here....maybe eating her head. Whatever it is, she seems to be enjoying it!

Thanks for coming mom, we had a great time! You're the best and we miss you!!!

I told you....LOTS of pics. I think there are 32 pictures and one video!!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Grammy's here, Go Cougars, and Claire has a tooth!!!

Grammy is here and we're so happy!! We took her with us to the BYU game yesterday! GO COUGARS! Two shut outs in a row! Our house has been happy the past couple weeks!! We had a tailgate party with Jeff's family before the game!

Grammy and Claire before the game!

Claire in a big kid chair...she's getting so big. And she got her first tooth on Saturday! I wasn't expecting it because Chloe and Caleb were closer to a year before they got one, but it's definitely poking through! She hasn't been fussy or anything at all. We've been pretty lucky with our kids not really caring when their teeth come in...hopefully it continues!

Jeff playing football before the game (Chloe and Kaylene are in the background!) This was a candid shot...he looks all proud like he just caught a pass or something!

At the game!
Claire spent the first little over an hour like this!

Chloe figured out that the baby carrier fits her (if we tighten it up). She held Claire for the whole almost last quarter of the game...what a good sister!

Interesting fact I heard on the radio....The last time BYU had 2 back to back shut outs was 1985 and the scores were 59-0 and 44-0, the same scores as last week and this weeks games! Pretty cool! (I think those were the scores....I'm not good at remembering. Whatever they were...they were the same in 1985!)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

For all you Cougar fans who watched that final kick get blocked and heard everyone say that the refs changed the game by calling the celebration penalty. Here's what the Washington kicker said about it.....

(If you don't want to read the whole's not really that long....he basically said the kick was like any other kick, not harder because it was 15 yards back. The problem was the line and that BYU got through and blocked the kick 3 yards in front of him. The trajectory wasn't different because it was farther back.....just read it! (: )

September 9, 2008 12:26 PM
Perkins' view of final kick
Posted by Bob Condotta
One person whose view of the end of the UW-BYU game has yet to be heard is that of the man who had to take the final kick --- UW placekicker Ryan Perkins.
He talked with reporters today, however, and said that he thought the kick was just like any other kick until the point that it got blocked.
"The kick is the same after watching it on film,'' he said. "The kick looks like any other kick I did all day. It's a matter of just driving through the ball the same way, every single time. Like I said, I don't know quiute what happened down there (on the line). You'll have to ask the coach.''
UW coach Tyrone Willingham has said there was penetration on the line that led to the block.
Said Perkins: "We have a pretty good film angle of it, and it̢۪s an above angle and not from FSN from behind and it looks like the block point is three yards in front of me. So I don't think there is much you can do when the block point is three yards in front of the kicker.''
Perkins said he thought the added length of the PAT might have impacted how BYU approached the kick in terms of blocking it, but not in terms of how he viewedit.
"A lot of people are saying when you back up it will be a lower trajectory, and that's not the case,'' he said. "The kick should be the same no matter what, and after looking at the form on my kick, everything looks the same as it did all day. I was fine. We did a 35-yard field goal against Oregon the week before and essentially it is straight down the middle, so that didn't bother me at all.''
Perkins also said that suddenly having to move back 15 yards didn't impact him mentally.
"Not with two seconds to go on the clock or anything, no,'' he said. "Essentially, it's still right down the middle, 35 yards. It's going to be the same kick, and that how I approached it. After watching on film, everything looked the same as every other kick I took that day.''
He added that, "the dynamic changes when they bring the whole house. I think that was the only thing different on that kick from any other kick that day. I think our linemen were facing something different and I think that was the only thing different about that whole thing.''
Oh, there was one other thing a little different, he said.
"The only thing that was unusual was it was right away when I heard another thud right after I hit it,'' he said. "Like I said, the block point looks on film, we have pretty good film of it, the block point was three-and-a-half, three yards in front of me where the guy got through. ... I've seen a couple of side-view photographs of it, the ball was carrying up pretty good about 5-6 feet off the ground at the three-yard mark. So it was still climbing.''

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

We're excited...can you tell??

Claire's 6 month stats....

weight: 17 pounds 9.5 ounces - 79th percentile
length: 26.5 inches - 76th percentile
head: 16.9 inches - 64th percentile

She must have had some good brain development. Last appointment she was in the 39th percentile!! She'll definitely be a smart one.

I can't believe she's already 6 months old!!! She is totally grabbing everything now. She rolls all over the place. I put her on a blanket and 2 minutes later she's 3 feet away from it. She's super happy and smiling. She was sleeping through the night, but the past 3 or 4 weeks (I think) she's been waking up a couple times at night. The doctor said to let her cry it out, so I think we will starting tonight (we didn't yesterday because she had 4 shots!) Claire is such a good baby, we love her SOOO much!!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Me and Holly at the finish line!!!

Me and my cheerleading crew...they were cute clapping for me right before the finish line!

YEAH!! I finished my first half marathon this morning! 13.1 miles!!! I did it in 2 hours 15 minutes and 51 seconds. I averaged a 10 minute 22 second mile which was about what I was aiming for! It feels so good to accomplish this goal that I've been working toward for a few months. I was a little nervous with the problems I've been having with my knee, but I guess the torture at the physical therapist paid off. My knee felt great for a lot of it. Around 7 or 8 miles I could feel it starting to feel not quite right. By mile 9 it was hurting, but I just kept pushing. I didn't stop running at all (except to drink water a couple times at the water station....I tried drinking it while running and it just didn't work). I walked to drink at about 9 1/2 or 10 miles and my knee was killing me when I stopped, so I skipped the last drink station, because I knew if I walked I might not be able to start running again. I'm SOOOO glad I had a running partner. Holly is awesome and kept me motivated (and I think I helped her too!). We did our long Saturday runs together in training. That last mile or so was tough, but we finished!! It was so great to have a friend to run it with and I was so glad that we were able to stay together for the whole thing (I was worried with my knee that I might have to walk)!

Now I'm just going to rest and ice my aching knees because they are hurting!!!

I need to get the pictures on my computer....they'll be coming soon!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Go cougars!

Football season has begun!
At the BYU game....

All of us in our Cougar gear!

Claire looks sunburned here. She's not, I totally greased her up with sunscreen. It was just a hot day! (The only hot day of the week of course!)

Not the best picture...I should have tried for a a better one!

We had a fun time. The kids were better than they were last year...not hanging on me as much, or asking if we could go home! :) Maybe it helped that they were bribed by their dad that if they were the best cougar fans and cheered really loud and didn't ask when it was going to be over, that they could go to Coldstone after the game! They were cute singing the fight song. Jeff's been practicing with them, so they had it down.

Claire was super be expected! We're so lucky to have such a good baby. The only thing that happened was that I brought a bottle of water and a formula packet to the game. I thought it would be a lot easier than trying to nurse her there. She got hungry somtime in the 2nd half of the game. So I got the bottle out and she loved it. She had never had formula before, I probably should have tried it another day before the game, but I didn't. Jeff's aunt (we sit by their family) told me that she was going to throw it all up and that her kids always did. Mine never had before, so I didn't think Claire would. Sure enough about 5 minutes after she drank the bottle, it ALL came out. Not just a little spit up, it was like pouring out of her mouth and just kept coming. It was everywhere. I had to step in it to keep it from going down into the seats in front of us. We used tons of wipes to clean it up. It was ALL over her and JEFF!!! That's the best part is that Jeff had her. I had been holding her the whole game but I handed her to Jeff so I could have a break, and he fed her!! HAHA! She didn't care at all though, she wasn't fussy or anything. It just came out and she just sat there! Luckily I had another outfit for her...unfortunately Jeff had to just dry!