Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bachelor analysis

Can we say BARF? That was the most disgusting thing I've ever seen...k, maybe not THE most disgusting but ew! I really don't know how she lasted this long but thank you Jason for sending home Megan and not making us have to watch her nastiness anymore (and sorry she attacked you and you couldn't do anything about it)! I loved how you totally rejected her when she sat there practically begging for a kiss....DENIED!

Shannon, you just tried to hard. You were borderline obsessive psycho. Even though you probably scared him off with your stalker-ness, I actually kind of liked you. I think you'd be fun to have as a friend and hang out with. But you were just too weird on the show....and how awkward was that kiss at the end? I mean, why did you even try? Couldn't you tell the chemistry was only a one way kind of thing? How embarrassing!
Lauren...how bad did that stink that he had a rose left and you didn't even get it? I think you turned a little psycho and arrogant in this episode. It was funny for maybe a second when you demanded the rose on the group date, but when you kept going on and on, and then even said you were mad the next night....not even funny anymore, and if you were really mad that's even worse. And the the awkward, "You want to kiss me, huh?" moment. Um....no, I don't think he did! I actually liked you a lot before last night, but you got a little weird.
Right now, I think Melissa is my favorite. Molly and Jillian are second and following close behind is Naomi. Stephanie is cool (and what a great name...just learn how to spell!) but I don't see the connection between them or the chemistry that he has with the other ones. I think he wants to like her but it's not there. She's too formal or whatever the right word is.

It's weird because I like watching this bachelor series more than I've liked it in a while. I just wanted it to keep going last night....I don't like having to wait a week! And Jeff loves it to so it's fun to watch and analyze after the show!
I think Jason is a good guy (although he does kiss a LOT of girls....even more reason for Shannon and Lauren not to try. If he wanted to kiss you, trust me...he would have!)
Hope you enjoyed my analysis of it! I'm sure you agree, right?

Saturday, January 24, 2009

One of my favorite things...

...about the Wii Fit is watching the kids shake their little booties doing the balance games. Here's Caleb playing Hula Hoop...

He was playing the Penguin Slide game (if you don't know what it is....you have to shift your hips back and forth quickly to keep the pengiun from falling off the ice) earlier and I just stood there watching him and laughing the whole time! Unfortunately, my bootie doesn't look that cute shaking around!

Another favorite thing is the things Caleb talks about...

Caleb: "It's getting there, the snow melting."

Me: "Yeah, it's getting there."

Caleb: "You want to know why it's melting?"

Me: "Sure."

Caleb: "Because I said a prayer that it would melt. Heavenly Father and Jesus are doing a pretty good job melting the snow here on Earth." (I wish I could write the inflection in his voice when he said it, it would be so much better.)

Another thing he told me a couple days ago...

Caleb (in a sad whiny kind of voice): "I don't like my name being Caleb. I want it to be something else."

Me: "Why? I love the name Caleb."

Caleb: "I just don't like Caleb."

Me: "What else would you want it to be?"
Caleb: "I don't know, something like Spike."

Where did he get that from? So I tried to call him Spike all day and everytime I did he got a HUGE smile on his face.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

200th post!

Wow...I can't believe that I've actually posted 200 posts! Crazy! I thought it would be fun (at least for me) to look back on the happenings of our family since I started the blog. I originally started it in July 2007 to announce that we were expecting a baby. Here's a look at some exciting, memorable and funny things that have happened....
August 2007 - Disneyland!!! We need to go again

August 2007 - Chloe started Kindergarten...wow, has it been that long ago? Of course we went to Leatherby's to celebrate!
September 2007 - Enduring crazy weather at the BYU games

October 2007 - Spirit week. Chloe got TOTALLY into dressing up. This is wear red day.

October 2007 - Who can forget the reaction to telling the kids we were having a girl!

Thanksgiving 2007 - LOVED this family picture and it was SO easy. We only took a couple pictures just for fun, but it ended up being the Christmas card picture (with the date photoshopped out!)

December 2007 - Surprise baby shower in California for me! I had no idea people were coming over for that and got to see my friend Andrea who I hadn't seen in a long time!

February 2008 - Caleb's first cavity. He thought the Clown nose (aka nitrus oxide) and shades were pretty cool!

March 2008 - Grammy came to visit and help with Claire, and we got to have her here for her birthday!

March 5, 2008 - We were blessed with our sweet little Claire

April 2007 - Allyson, Tim and kids came to visit...sledding was SO fun!!

May 31, 2008 - We got a new little cousin/niece Cassidy Ann Jones. Lindsey waited for us to get there to have her...only she waited til the day of Chloe's bday party!

May 2008 - Claire, Me and Grams

May 2008 - Caleb found a marker in the car and drew on his face right before we were going into TGIFridays!

Mother's Day 2008 - Hand made beautiful jewelry!

June 2008 - Playing in the pool with Daddy....maybe it will get warm again!

July 2008 - Chloe decided to put her own makeup on!

October 2008 - We lost our sweet Grams. I loved how much the kids brightened her up!

Claire's first Christmas 2008

November 2008 - My first gray hair....AHHHH!

January 2009 - My family COMPLETELY surprised me on my birthday
"I got a cold and I don't feel good!"

"I really don't feel good!"

"Would you stop taking my picture already?"

"Look at my cool snot bubble!"
"Did my mom really take a picture of that to put on her blog? Weirdo!"
**Change in jammies due to the fact that I tossed my cookies, or should I say mandarin oranges, all over me and my mom!
Don't you LOVE details?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Why Jason??

Why is Megan still here??? Thanks for getting rid of Erica, but why did you keep her?????

Monday, January 19, 2009


My birthday was on Friday and I got the best surprise present ever! Watch....

My mom, two of my sisters and their kids came! I was seriously shocked (which explains why I'm dressed like a total dirtball). It took me a second to comprehend when I opened the door, it was kind of a weird feeling! They drove all the way from Sacramento on Wed/Thursday and knocked on my door early afternoon on Thursday! I was so happy and excited that I cried...and I am so not a cryer (sp?)!! We had a really fun weekend and they just left this morning. :(

Luckily I had cleaned bathrooms that morning and vacuumed the night before so my house wasn't a totally disaster or something! It was crazy with all the kids running around, but I love that! My mom cooked YUMMY dinners for us, and went grocery shopping, and stopped at RC Willey on the way to my house and bought my kids new mattresses (they really needed them) and they were delivered that night!!

Thanks for coming and making my birthday the best guys!!! It was so fun! You are welcome to come "invade" my house ANYTIME!!!! (whether I know you're coming or not!) I haven't been surprised like that in a LONG time! I think the only surprise that could have been better was if you guys were the Publisher's Clearing House....oh well!! :)

We had a LOT of fun so there are a LOT of pictures! Chloe and Avery in their matching shades (thanks Grammy)

Making my tasty birthday cake!

The best part about helping...like mother like son!!!
My little decorators!

The final product...didn't they do an AWESOME job. Caleb made a "mountain" made of chocolate frosting on it, and if you look closely, Chloe wrote "let it snow" and Avery made some lovely pink dots and the credit for the beautiful decorative edges goes to Grammy!

We went to Red Robin for my birthday dinner at the mall. The wait was an hour long, so we walked around the mall with the kids and I led a game of Follow the Leader. This picture was after the game waiting for Grammy and Allyson to come out of Bath and Body Works!

Me and all my 29 candles
Ninnie (my sister Lindsey), Grammy and the kids decorated with streamers and balloons. They made this spot special for me to sit in under the balloons!

Jeff's family came over for cake and ice cream!

Uncle Jared, Aunt Kay, Claire, Grandpa and Jeff

Allyson, Grammy and Jeff having WAY too much fun dishing up cake and ice cream!

Ninnie, Cassidy and Grandma

Me and my new Wii Fit! I'm excited to use it! Good job Jeff for calling around forever to find someone with it in stock!

Claire (10 months) and Cassidy (7 1/2 months)

Cassidy is a little taller and a few pounds heavier! She has the cutest belly ever (I wish mine was that cute!!)

Rest time

Top to bottom: Abbie, Chloe, Avery, Mason, Caleb

Cassidy LOVING the snow!

The kids were so cute making Snow Angels


Me, Allyson, Mom, Lindsey

We left Jeff home with the kids on Saturday for a few hours so we could go out to lunch and shop! (Thanks Jeff...you're awesome!) While we were gone Claire fell asleep in her ladybug!

And lucky for him, Abbie, Mason and Caleb fell asleep too!

All the kids before they left this morning.....

....except grumpy Mason who wouldn't get in the picture! But he's pretty cute when he's grumpy!

Abbie, Avery and Chloe in their matching gray suits!