Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Summer trip to Cali #2 of 3

My good friend from high school, Katy, got married the Saturday after school started to we loaded up the kids and headed out for a super fast trip.  We left Friday and came home Monday.

 Mary, Me, Rachel
 Everything was beautiful, including the tables.

 Scott, Kaisa, Me, Jeff
 Stef and Steph
 Katy and me
I thought the cake was really pretty!

First day of school...

3rd grader and 1st grader!

Monday, October 25, 2010



 Jeff tried to surprise me and buy tickets to see Big River up at Sundance...but unfortunately he left the window up on the computer so I knew!  It was so fun....but so cold!

 silly Claire!

 Eating breakfast before the big day!  The kids were SUPER excited about it!

 The kids came home looking like this!  They had a BLAST with their Daddy at work.  There were tons of activities to do and then they got to eat hot dogs with Jeff for lunch.  Then I picked them up and they didn't want to come with me.  They even got little name badges like Jeff's with their picture on it!  It was a fun day!

 Our friends have a sailboat and invited us all out on it!  It was lots of fun!
 Me and Jeff
 Rex and Teresa

 Swimming in the oh so clean Utah Lake!
 Claire and McKenzie

CARSON's FIRST HAIRCUT (9-15-2010)...




What a handsome boy!!!


 Getting ready to run the bases after the game.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The rest of July

Happy 63rd Birthday Grandpa!!!
 Carson was so tiny then compared to now.

 Me and Claire.  I got an infection in my eye, so I had to wear my glasses for a week while I put some prescriptiong eye drops in (that were like $65 for the tiniest bottle...oh well, it worked!)


 At the parade with Jeff's family and our good friends the Facer's.  Claire and McKenzie.
 Me and Teresa
 JEff and Carson
 The matching girls.  Grandma, Claire and Chloe.
 Claire went and played at the Facer's after the parade and her diaper leaked, so she came home looking like this!
 Carson at the Fireworks.
 Moira and Carson

 Grandma, Kaylene and Grandpa
 Lizzy and Chloe

 Trey playing with his light saber.  It was dark so the pictures turned out cool.
 After the fireworks, Caleb was so tired he came in and fell asleep on the couch with a sucker in his mouth.

We had Trey and Lizzie at our house for a few days while their parents were at girls camp.  Even though there were 3 separate beds in Chloe and Claire's room, this is how I found them sleeping when I went to bed.  This was the first time the kids ever had friends sleep over and they had a blast!