Friday, September 28, 2007

Chloe's first Field Trip

Our little group at the field trip....Olivia, Vanessa, Chloe and Paige.
Olivia and Chloe picking their apples!

Paige, Vanessa, Olivia and Chloe saying "Johnny Appleseed" with their apples!

Chloe and Kaitlyn eating their Apple Donuts...YUM!!

Chloe with her teacher, Mrs. Hyer

Chloe and Mommy

Chloe and Olivia making funny faces!

paige vanessa chloe and olivia by the school bus

Whenever I'm typing on this, Chloe ALWAYS wants to type, so I let her type that one.

All the Kindergarten kids went on a field trip to "The Big Red Barn"! Chloe was SO excited to ride on a school bus for her first time! When we got there, we got to go on a hay ride to go pick apples. Then we rode to a pumpkin patch and the teachers got out and picked a pumpkin for their classes. Then we rode back to the barn and ate apple donuts on the grass. And a guy was chasing us with his big truck on the way back. (Another addition by Chloe. On the way back to the barn on the hay trailor, there was a guy in a dump truck and the kids thought he was chasing us. They were making him honk and waving, it was pretty cute!) Then they loaded back on the bus and went back to the school. It was so fun and I'm so glad I got to go with her.

Maple Lake

Whenever we're out in Utah in the fall, we always drive up the canyon and see the leaves changing colors. It's really pretty to see all the colors. They're usually really bright.

Photo taken by Chloe...not bad!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Leave a game early?? NEVER!!

The kids learned a very important lesson on Saturday. We were at the BYU game and it was raining (pretty much the whole 2nd half). When it started raining, Caleb asked, "Can we just go home now?" And of course, I had to tell him, "Caleb we never leave a BYU game early, even if it's raining." We stayed and watched BYU win the game, even though Jeff forgot a jacket (his aunt thankfully had an extra garbage bag for Jeff to wear) and Chloe and I only had thin hooded sweaters. Thank goodness they won, or I would have been miserable listening to Jeff analyze for the next couple days. And another thing I'm thankful for is the Mets finally started winning again!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Chandler Family Update

After Monica asking me why I hadn't posted Chloe's first day of school pictures yet, then looking at Rocia's blog and seeing Julia start school, I realized I had to update. I spent so much time setting it up originally that I kind of got sick of it for a while. So anyway, here's the update!!!

The pregnancy is going well. If you're belly yet!!! YEAH! I'm not one to want to start showing early. In the morning, before I go to the bathroom, you can feel it when I lay on my back, but that's it so far. (I'm sure you all wanted to know that). I'm back to being able to eat normal again, which is nice. I'm about 16 weeks now (in a couple days)!!!

We're FINALLY getting our own place. Life has been kind of crazy and hasn't gone exactly as we had planned, but does it ever? Jeff's really liking his new job at Xango (if you've never heard of it, go online at He is their Public Relations Manager. We get to go to a Real Salt Lake Soccer game tomorrow (Xango is their sponsor)! Jeff's going to Baltimore next week for a couple days to do a trade show out there. Of course he's going to go to a Yankees v. Orioles game at Camden Yard (or whatever it's called. I guess it's a cool ballpark or something!!) with the others that are going out there. When we found out he'd have to switch jobs, we were really stressed but knew it would work out. Within a week or two of starting to look, he had three really good offers. His new job pays better, has better benefits and his boss is a guy (no offense ladies, but some of us are a little more emotional than guys!). We should be moving on October 1st. We're really excited!

The summer was really fun. Usually by this point I'm ready for winter to start coming. But knowing what winter is here, I'd rather it stay summer. Or if it could just stay fall, that would be great! I just couldn't stay away from Cali this summer. We went three times. One of those times, in August, just the kids and I went for my Dad's 60th birthday party at Wonderful Chinese.....I miss that place. We just can't find a Chinese place like that one out here!