Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Can you find the difference?

Chloe's 2nd birthday...

Claire's 2nd birthday....

I'll give you a hint.....

What's up with Claire's hair....or lack therof?? See those little bangs? I have NEVER cut them. Yes, I have cut the back and sides so she wouldn't have a mullet, but her hair is nowhere near as thick and full as Chloe's. The top hair has definitely grown, but it grows SO slow!!!
Chloe did have a little head start I guess (see the picture below of Chloe at 4 weeks)!

Hopefully someday Claire catch up!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Jeff! (last week)

March is a busy month for birthdays! Between mine and Jeff's immediate families we have a birthay on the 2nd, 5th, 6th, 8th and 10th!
Trying to get a good one of all of them...impossible!

Happy 2nd Birthday Claire!

Only about a week and a half behind...that's pretty good for me! I can't believe Claire is 2!! She's so much fun. She has a quiet, gentle way about her, but then she will definitely let you know what she wants and when she's mad.

She is completely obsessed with the Backyardigans! And so am I! It's the only show that will keep her attention from beginning to end. She LOVES it! She says, "Watch Tasha?" and grabs my hand wherever I am and leads me to the TV to put it on for her.

She also LOVES shoes and is always putting them on, changing them etc. She won't ever let me take her shoes off for nap time. Claire is like a little mom. She gets everybody their coats and shoes when it's time to go somewhere....and she'll bring your shoes a lot of times when it's not time to go anywhere. She puts her plate in the sink more often than Chloe and Caleb.

She LOVES to go bye-bye and a lot of times gets upset when Jeff takes Chloe to school because she doesn't get to go! She's a happy snuggly girl and loves her big brother and sister so much!

Dancing to her favorite show...she gets so excited!

Grandma, Grandpa and Uncle Matt came over for the party!
Opening presents! Chloe and Caleb didn't really give Claire a chance to open anything...they were too excited and opened it all for her.
Chloe has that outfit on because she wanted it to be a Backyardigans party and she wanted to dress like Tasha. Chloe even made games up and signs to go along with them...."What Backyardigan am I?" and "What Backyardigan's song am I singing?" It was pretty fun!

All of them watching the new Backyardigans movie we got her!!

Mommy and the birthday girl!

Daddy with the Birthday Girl!

I was in the way of her Backyardigans show

Blowing out the candles


I love this new dress I got her....only the picture makes it look like she doesn't have legs!

I was trying to get a good picture of her all night, but she wouldn't take her sweater off for forever and when she finally did, she was so tired and ready to go to bed. Oh well, she got professional ones taken earlier in the day with it on!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Another reason I love Caleb so much!

Caleb gave me a hug last night and said, "It's harder to get my arms around you because you're private. Wait...is it private or permanent?"

Me: "You mean pregnant?"

Caleb: "Oh yeah, permanent! Why do I keep saying private?"

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Catch up #2

Happy 6th Birthday Caleb!
Caleb turned 6 in February! I can't believe he's that old!!! Caleb is such a fun boy. He's so sweet and kind and is really good at sharing. His new obsession is Star Wars. A few months ago it was Indiana Jones....but he's not as into that anymore. He had a Star Wars birthday party with his friends and it was lots of fun.

His Commander Cody costume he got for his Bday.

His new BYU uniform. Jeff was a little disappointed that Caleb was a little (or a lot) more excited about his Commander Cody costume he got than his BYU uniform! :)
Claire loves his helmet.

Claire and Chloe under the fort that he got from Great Grandma!

His new double light saber....one of his favorite presents!

L to R: Trey, Gentry, Jared, Caleb, Sam, Claire, Chloe, Mackenzie (Trey's sister that volunteered to come help with Claire), Kenny, Joshua

Caleb wanted a Darth Vader cake. So we made the Death Star and bought a Darth Vader toy to put on top. I didn't let Caleb open Darth vader until that morning. When it came time to put it on top, Darth vader was nowhere to be found....ugh!!!
The cool thing is this cake lasted for 3 parties. His friend one was the first and they just ate the death star, then I made a new Death Star for Sunday with Jeff's family and we just ate the sky part (and we found Darth Vader), then on Monday, his real bday, we ate the new death star.

Catch up #1

Claire LOVES clothes. She loves changing. She brought me this t-shirt and insisted that I put it on her!

A couple months ago (Jan. 9th to be exact) we switched Claire to a toddler bed. She kept climbing out of her crib, and I didn't want to have to take her to the dr. with a broken arm or something. The first nap time was tough. She kept getting up over and over and over....probably for half an hour. I just kept putting her back and eventually she fell asleep like this....standing with her head resting on the bed.

Claire loves babies. She takes good care of them. Here she is trying to put diapers on them.

My 30th birthday! I don't have any pictures except for this one. Jeff and my family threw me a surprise party when we were out in California. I tried not to know, but Jeff just isn't the best surprise keeper. It was still lots of fun though! On my real birthday Jeff and the kids made me breakfast in bed. Then we hung out for the day. Then in the afternoon, Jeff and I dropped the kids off and went shopping at IKEA and Tai Pan Trading Company. Then to dinner at PF Chang's and stayed in Salt Lake at a cute bed and breakfast that we stayed in on his 30th birthday. Then we got up and ate YUMMY breakfast and went to Music and the Spoken Word. I had never been to it and it was really fun!
Here's Claire trying to get her clothes back on again after she took them off. She was fine until she saw me with the camera...then she started crying!