Friday, May 23, 2008

Picked up pictures of Claire today.....

Claire's blessing dress picture (I think at about 8 weeks...I need to check the date!)...

Chloe's blessing dress picture (10 weeks old)....

Chloe's class singing....

Olivia's parents taped this so she's mostly in it, but she and Chloe were sitting pretty close!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

We had a....

SUPER busy week. I feel like we've been going non-stop! Check out what we were up to....


was the craziest of all. We started off by dropping Caleb off at a friend's house so I could take Chloe to get her stitches out. After waiting for an HOUR for the doctor...they were out! We rushed home to fix her hair and get her to school with about one minute to spare! Then it was Kindergarten Graduation! Kind of a bittersweet time! She's growing up so fast and I love it, but it's sad too. Kindergarten has been a blast. Chloe has absolutely LOVED it and I have gotten pretty involved with things and have just loved it too! At the graduation I got a little teary eyed a couple times....I wasn't the only one, though. I noticed lots of moms and dads wiping their eyes! They had an adorable program and sang lots of songs and had a slide show of pictures from the whole year...they did a great job!!! Lots of pictures today...really there are a lot!!!

Right before we left for school!

The present we made for Chloe's teacher, Mrs. Hyer. I like how it turned out except for that I feel like there was too much blank space on the sides, but I ran out of time to add anything..oh well!!

The back of the present. I had Chloe write a letter to her teacher and she drew a picture. I Mod Podged those, along with a couple pictures of her and her teacher on the back!

Upclose of the it, it's cute! Chloe wrote it herself!

Chloe's class...I'm so bummed because a lot of the pictures in there didn't turn out because the lighting was bad

Chloe doing the "Macarena" to their months of the year song.

Caleb before the program started...

Caleb about half way through. We went out the back door around to the front to get a better picture and Caleb totally ran into the door handle. I was scared to look...I was sure there was going to be blood but luckily I was wrong. But there was a red mark, bump and bruise instantly! I think the kids are trying to keep me busy with stitches and staples!

Chloe and Mrs. Hyer

Olivia and Chloe, and notice Olivia's purple wrapped finger...she hurt her finger and they had stitches together!
Chloe got the Awesome Artist award because she's always drawing pictures!

Grandma and the kids

Bad picture of me, but the rest of them look good!

Now I'm smiling but the kids aren't. Jeff actually looks good in both pictures...that's weird!

Chloe grew FOUR AND A HALF inches from the beginning of school to the end. She's pointing at where she was at the beginning of the year...crazy!

Me and Chloe. Her eye got kind of yellowish bruise least she didn't have total black eyes, but I wish she wouldn't have had that in all the pics...oh well!


WEAR A CAREER day was Wednesday. What better career to wear then a CHILI'S SERVER??

Uplose of Chloe's stitches again!

Caleb doesn't like to be left out when we're taking pictures!

Claire in her cute overalls...kind of a funny picture though!

Oh, and I almost forgot...I went out to dinner with Monica and Anne-Marie to Chili's too. It has become kind of a monthly thing, and we always end up going to Chili's because it's about exactly half way between me and Monica (and right by Anne-Marie!). I absolutely love's a great way to keep in touch since we live 50 miles apart (well, at least Monica and I do) and sometimes it's just so nice to get away with some girls and have fun! It kind of reminds me of my mom because we end up being there for 2-3 hours (our servers just LOVE us!) and that's what my mom always does with her friends! We always have a great time and fun discussions.

I'm so grateful for good friends. Monica has been my best friend for over 10 years has it really been that long? She's always there for me and even when we don't talk for a while, we just pick up right where we left off. She's a great example as well! Anne-Marie is great too. I've become friends with her through Monica. She's super should read her blog, she's a great writer. I met her at Bunco last year but didn't have the chance to get to know her that well til we started doing the dinner thing a few months ago and I'm so glad I've gotten to know her now! And her comments on my blog always make me feel so good (thanks Anne-Marie)!


Claire found her fingers and started sucking on them!
Upclose picture of Chloe's stitches!
Tuesday was CLASH day at school.


Here's what I made for Jeff's mom for her birthday! (which I actually gave her Sunday!)

Monday morning with Chloe and her swollen nose
Super chubby Claire!
To go along with our crazy week it was CRAZY HAIR DAY at school for Chloe! I did 7 french braids going from the outside to the middle back of her head. Then curled the ends and looped the braids around. Then we put glitter in her hair!

Monday, May 19, 2008


was a SUPER busy day! We started off going to Vivian Park to go fishing with Jeff's brothers Ryan and Devin. It's a neat place...its right off the river and it's just for kids and handicapped people to fish! Unfortunately we didn't catch anything, but the people right next to us caught 2 fish...whatever!

Chloe and Ryan
Uncle Devin and Caleb
Claire on her first fishing trip....lots of firsts this weekend for her!
Smiling Claire...with squinty eyes because of the bright sun!
Daddy and the kids!

Chloe catching butterflies. She is so funny. Whenever she sees a butterfly, she runs around with her arms open trying to catch it!
Caleb and Uncle Ryan
me and Jeff...notice the pretty mountain right behind the pond!

Caleb jumped in the car first when we were leaving the park and found a marker. I opened up the door and he said, "Ha ha ha!" He decided to draw a blue circle on his face. Right before this happened we noticed that we forgot baby wipes. We were going to TGIF to meet Jeff's mom and sis for his mom's birthday, so Caleb go to go in like this!

After lunch, we went shopping for a while! When we FINALLY got home around 7:00, I hurried and made a cake for Jeff's mom so they could come over for cake and ice cream. And to top off the busy day, right before they got there.....
She looks so sad in this picture

Chloe was running toward the window to watch for them and she tripped and fell and hit her face on the table. I was right there and I grabbed her and hugged her and said, "I know that hurts, let me see" expecting to see a big bump and bruise, but no....blood soaked completely through my shirt gushing out of a cut on her nose. There was seriously blood EVERYWHERE (worse than Caleb's) on me and her. It FINALLY stopped bleeding after what seemed like forever, and I knew immediately that she needed stitches. It was totally deep. This happened at about 8:30 and Jeff called and made an appt. for the after hours clinic at the doctor at 9:00......thank goodness they have after hours, it's a lot cheaper and we've used it twice. I had to give Chloe a bath before we left because she had blood all in her hair and body. We decided to sing and blow out candles before we left. So we were a little late to the doctor and ended up leaving there with 3 stitches and some glue to hold it together. I took Chloe to Walmart to "get something special for her" because she seriously was SO good...I was totally impressed. It told her why we were there and she said, "something special, like clothes?" She's getting so old. She picked out a dress and we went home to have some cake and ice cream...and she went to bed at almost midnight!

Kind of crazy that we made it almost 6 years with no stitches and now we had stitches and staples one month and 9 days apart!

I was nervous that she would end up with black eyes...and that she would have some funny looking pictures at her Kindergarten graduation on Thursday. But lucky for least so far...she is just a little swollen. I took a picture this morning...I'll post it later! She gets her stitches out on Thursday.....hopefully we can make an appt. for before her graduation!

Sunday, May 18, 2008


We had a reallly busy Friday and Saturday! It all started off at the Zoo on Friday. Chloe's class went on a field trip to the zoo, so I decided it would be fun to take Caleb and Claire too! And Monica met me there with her boys! We had a great time! Here are the pictures of Chloe (thanks to Olivia's dad for taking some of Chloe Chloe, Olivia and Olivia's dad Rick at the school before they left
Chloe, Olivia and Tabitha on the bus
Olivia and Chloe...they're so cute!
Olivia, Rebecca and Chloe on the train ride at the zoo
Chloe and her teacher Mrs. Hyer!

Here are the pictures of what Caleb, Claire, Monica, her boys and I did....

Caleb with the elephants! Claire...her FIRST trip to the zoo!
Preston, Dallas and Caleb on the train
Me and Claire on her FIRST train ride!
Caleb adn Dallas...cute boys!
Caleb with the rhino's

I'll get the rest of this weekend's pictures up soon!!!