Thursday, November 29, 2007


It was almost really not worth flying home early from Thanksgiving in California to make it to the game, but fortunately in the end BYU won!! It was so exciting to be there and see Austin Colley catch that pass with 4th and 18...he must be so good because he's from El Dorado Hills! And when Unga scored (see above picture) was great (and he's only a Freshman)!! I'm really thankful because our house is MUCH happier with them winning! There were so many Utah fans there and it stunk when we were down and they were all cheering, so it was just great when we came back! Anyway....Go Cougars!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Christmas trees at Apple Hill!

Every year we go cut our own Christmas trees the day after Thanksgiving. And even though we weren't able to cut down our own tree this year, we still didn't want to miss the tradition. We have so much fun! We went up to Apple Hill this year to cut them. We loved being in California for year we'll be able to stay longer since we won't have to get back for the BYU game! (they won by the way...go Cougars!)
Ashlyn, Kyler, Chloe and Kali riding on Rudolph
Caleb and Avery playing in the dirt!
Mom and Grandma

Allyson, Mom, Grandma, Me, Lindsey, Avery and Chloe
Jeff and Me at Leatherby's after getting the trees (another Thomas family tradition!)


Jeff and Scott
All the boys from my family (well, most of them!!)
Tim, Jeff, Josh Jeff, Dad, Caleb and Kyler

Friday, November 16, 2007


Happy 26th Birhday!! We love you Uncle Jeff!!!!

Jeff's trip to Chicago

Jeff had to take a business trip to Chicago for a couple days this week.....

L to R....Jeff's boss, Bob, his niece Amy and Jeff.

Bob's niece is the weather person for the fox news station in Chicago, so they went and hung out in the studio!
Jeff doing the weather report!
Jeff in front of Wrigley field

Jeff and Bob with their PR Firm at Harry Caray's Restaurant