Wednesday, July 30, 2008

XANGO Summer Party

Every summer Xango has a summer party for all the employees. It was at a huge park at Thanksgiving Point. They had lunch, a Rockband competition, cotton candy, snow cones, face painting (for some reason my kids never want their faces painted!) prize drawings (we were really hoping for the plasma TV, maybe at the Christmas party!), lots of different bounce houses. We had a really fun time...especiallly the kids!

Claire is getting so strong. Not sitting up by herself yet, but I don't think that's too far away! What a cute baby, huh?

Finally...I could just let the kids duke it out!! I need one of these at my house so I can just send them in it when they start fighting!
Our little American Gladiators...I didn't actually see this but Caleb told me he didn't win, but it sure looks like he did in this picture since Chloe's falling off!

The rest of the Pioneer Day festivities...

We had everyone over for a BBQ in the afternoon. Jeff's Uncle Mormon and his family were in town from California. Of course we had to get the slip and slides out (we've definitely gotten our money's worth out of those...especially since Chloe got them for her bday so they were free!!) The big boys (Jeff's cousins and brother) resisted going for so long until they just HAD to and went in their clothes!

Yes, that's me. I tried to resist for a long time, but had to prove that I could beat them all in who could slide the farthest. I at least got my swim suit on first. And yes, I beat all three of them....easy!

Uncle Mormon and Grandma
We got some pizza and went to the park to watch the fireworks. They had a live's Caleb dancing to the music. That's Jared (Jeff's sister's husband) concentrating on his Phase 10 game!

And Chloe dancing with pizza in her mouth!

Me and little Claire. She slept through most of it!

Me and Ryan

Claire woke up after the fireworks.

What a long day! Chloe lasted almost through the fireworks. And Caleb snuggled up next to her right after they were done and was out in a second.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Happy Day!

Today I completed my very first 10K (6.2 mile) race. I wouldn't necessarily call it a race for me, more of a goal to finish! My goal was to average 10 minute miles and I DID IT!!! My time was 1 hour 2 minutes and 57 seconds!!! I was pretty excited. I ran the entire time, walking only for a few seconds at the 2 drink stations while I got a cup of water. It felt really good to accomplish the goal! It's the longest distance I've ever run at one time! Here I am at the finish line..... You can probably tell by Chloe's hair that her Daddy got her ready today! (My friend picked me up at 5:45am to go the start of the race)

Another happy thing about today is that it is the 15 year anniversary of when I got baptized and became a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints....appropriately on Pioneer Day!! That was the best decision I have ever made and has greatly influenced my life and helped mold me into the person that I am today!

Some pics at the Pioneer Day Parade....wasn't that nice of them to have a whole parade for me?

Caleb and Great Grandpa
Claire with Grandma

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I just won tickets to Reba and Kelly Clarkson on the radio!! I'm so excited...I never win anything. I was going to the store and I heard to call when you hear Reba. On the way home I heard it and called 3 times. Third times a charm, because it rang for forever, then the DJ said I was caller 13!! YEAH!!! Then he asked me what my favorite Reba song is. My answer, "Uh, um, I can't think of one!" Hello!!! She has had billion songs, I could probably sing along to a good portion of them and I couldn't even come up with one song of her's. So I said, "Every other weekend." (the one that was playing when I called.) "No, give me a different one," he said. My answer again, "Uh, I don't know I really can't think of one!" Such an idiot! I thought he would edit that part out when he played it on the radio, but no. I got to sit there and listen to myself sound as stupid as I thought I would. Oh well though!! I won and get to go to the concert for FREE! I saw Reba at the Stadium of Fire a few years ago and she was awesome. I don't care too much about Kelly Clarkson, I don't really know much of her music. Hurray for me!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Learning new tricks.....

Claire is getting so big and strong. It's crazy how fast they change. She rolled over for the first time today!! She did it slow enough for me to capture her at every position!

Almost's hard to get that arm out from underneath!


Then back onto her back

She may have done it earlier but I probably don't lay her on the floor as much as I should! (If you know Caleb, then you know why!)

Time for a new post?

We went to California...again!! :) Not for as long this time....we were only there for 10-11 days! I wasn't as good about taking pictures, but I got a few! We went for Cassidy's blessing....forgot my camera though! Here's what I did get....

Claire in the bouncer...she looked so cute in it!

Caleb obviously was not getting enough sleep since he fell asleep while he was on the computer!

Claire and her little friend Taya! We went over to the Shouse's house one day and had lots of fun!

Claire in Taya's "Bumbo" chair. Totally cute chair that she can sit up in...I just can't get myself to spend $40 on one!

The kids playing in the Shouse's backyard

Avery, Chloe, Hailey and Caleb

We went to Leatherby's TWICE while I was's so good!!!

Yes, Abbie had this pacifier in her mouth at Leatherby's....she got some funny looks from some kids that were there!!!

The kids outside Leatherbys except for.....

Caleb! Maybe due to lack of sleep?? Maybe not!

The day we left....

Claire looking up at Great Grandma
Gotta get in one last game of Go Fish!
Cassidy! Abbie
One last picture before we left!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Claire's 4 month stats...

Weight: 15 pounds 12 ounces 88 percentile
Length: 24 3/4 inches 69 percentile
Head: 39 percentile (can't remember the inches and don't feel like looking!)

Still chubby!!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Sleepy Caleb

Caleb is just like his Mommy when she was a kid (and I guess a little bit now too!)...he can fall asleep anytime, anywhere!

He totally fights taking a nap, but he'll fall asleep in the middle of eating if he's tired enough!!

Notice his hand in the bag of cereal...