Monday, December 13, 2010

The Nutcracker

We took Chloe and Caleb to see the Nutcracker at the Capitol Theater in Salt Lake City last week.  I was slightly nervous about them getting restless, but they LOVED it and were SO good.  Caleb got a little wiggly at the very end when there was about 5 mintues left....but that's it! 
We had box seats, so we were really close to the stage.  You can get tickets for a little "party" onstage after the show where you can get a picture taken with Clara, the Sugarplum Fairy and some others.  Plus you get to see the huge skirt and all the other props, and enjoy some cookies and juice.  And you get a Nutcracker ornament too.
I hadn't been to the Nutcracker in years. I'm so glad we went, we had so much fun! And thanks to our awesome friends for watching Claire and Carson for us!

For some reason, Caleb thinks it's funny to make silly faces in pictures lately.
The great thing was that Jeff got the tickets for the Nutcracker and the after party for FREE!!  :)

Getting and decorating the tree...

We found this little tree lot that we've gone to since we moved here.  It's not the same as cutting our own, but it's a lot faster!  And it would be a whole lot faster still if I was picking out the tree and not Jeff.  He has to have the perfect shape, height and everything.  But we ended up with a great one!

 Maybe you can't tell, but what Caleb is doing here is "camouflaging" with the tree!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Carson is 6 months old!!!

I don't know how it happened, but Carson is already 6 months!!

Carson is the sweetest little guy.  He's such a super happy baby and we're so glad about that!  I think he is my most tickle-ish kid.  It's really easy to get him to smile and laugh.  He is not a small one.  I took him to the doctor a couple weeks ago and he was about 18 pounds....we have his official 6 month check up tomorrow.  He's got the cutest chubby cheeks...and thighs, belly and everything else!  Claire just can't get enough of him.  She LOVES her brother.  She is always snuggling him.  If he's laying on the floor she is right there laying by him just about every time.  She snuggle up next to him and let him grab her face and pull her hair and she loves it.
We love you Carson!

Thanksgiving week in California

 I took Chloe with me to my sister's salon to get our hair done.  She thought it was pretty cool to sit under the dryer and read her book!

Thanksgiving Day...
 Half of the Thanksgiving table....the other half is behind me!
 Claire and Cassidy
 Ashlyn and Chloe
 Chloe and me
 My mom and I have the same shirt (obviously) and I wanted to wear something more comfy after dinner on Thanksgiving, so I went up and put on a matching outfit.  It was pretty funny when I came down!
 Chloe LOVES Taylor Swift.  She made this poster.  You can't see here but it has lyrics from every song on her new Speak Now cd.  My mom got all the grandkid girls the cd.
Claire was poopled after all the Thansgiving day festivities and she fell asleep leaning over on the table

The Day After Thanksgiving Christmas Tree Cutting....
 Grammy and Carson
 The fam
 Papa, Grammy, Chloe and Abbie with Grammy and Papa's tree
 Me, Carson and Jeff (brother, not husband)   :)

 Claire and Uncle Jeff with their matching noses.
 Claire and Cassidy in the tree netter
Carson and Daddy


 Nov 6th-Claire fell going down the ramps after the BYU football game and hit her face on the cement.  She cried and was all bloody, it was really sad.
 Here she is a few days after the fall.  She would NOT leave the scabs alone.  She picked them and picked them.  They are finally pretty much healed, but there are still red marks where the scabs were.  I'm hoping she didn't permanently scar her nose.  We would tell her to stop picking and she'd hide her face under a pillow so she could keep doing it.
 Carson at 5 months
 I was gone one night and the kids made this sign for Jeff.

 Our creative little Chloe at it again.  She got up and made this sign on the computer, and then hung it on the mirror in the bathroom and decorated for Veteran's Day.  She's always got some little project or something she's doing.

 My brother's birthday is November 16th and I made him a shirt with this on it. (I used an iron on.)  I thought it was pretty funny!!!  And I'm pretty sure it was his favorite present!

 Carson's first BYU basketball game!

Chloe and Caleb's friends Olivia and Isaac came over and spent all day on a Saturday with us while their parents packed.  They moved to Idaho.  My kids were so sad to see them go.  They have been friends since Chloe and Olivia met in Kindergarten
 Chloe, Claire and Olivia. 
 Caleb and Isaac

Olivia and Chloe on a field trip-Sept. 2007
Caleb, Chloe, Isaac and Olivia celbrating Caleb's 4th birthday

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Grammy and Papa came to visit!!

We were SOOO excited to have Grammy and Papa come visit us (in October)!  It was my dad's first trip out here since we moved here.  We had so much fun with them.

They got here Thursday night and watched Carson and Claire all day Friday while I went on a fieldtrip with Caleb's class to Cornbelly's!

We went up to Temple Square and of course ate at the Garden Restaurant on the top floor of the Joseph Smith Memorial's one of my mom's favorites.  We also took a tour of the Conference Center.  

Jeff has been wanting my dad to come out and go to a BYU game at Lavell Edwards Stadium for a long time. My mom got him tickets for his birthday. Out of the whole huge stadium, we managed to find tickets right across the aisle from us! It was perfect!