Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dedicated to my wonderful husband! (just kidding)

This used to be on the radio all the time when I was in high school and I thought it was hilarious, but forgot about it!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Family Pictures...

We FINALLY got family portraits done. Poor little Claire is left out of most of the family pictures around the house!

Monday, March 16, 2009


Chloe lost her first TOP tooth last night! It has been super loose for a while, then on Saturday Caleb wanted to help her out and hit her in the face and it got even more loose! So last night I asked her if I could give it a little tug and I got it out!!! She was so excited! I was too because the looser it got, the more it stuck out and she looked like Nanny McPhie!!

THEN, she was up in the bathroom brushing her teeth to go to bed and decided she should brush her tooth that fell out so it would be all clean for the Toothfairy and she dropped it down the drain. I was downstairs and heard her scream and cry....I thought she was really hurt or something and ran up and asked what was wrong. She was devastated. But luckily she turned the water right off and I took apart the drain under the sink and it was in there, thankfully! She was one happy girl!

With her note to the toothfairy....tooth in Ziploc bag taped to the note! I keep thinking I'm going to make something for them to put their teeth in. We always put it in this little pillow...maybe before she loses another!

Toothless is cute but I'm really glad we got family pictures done a couple weeks ago!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Us today...

Chloe has a cold and was up a lot last night and wasn't feeling great this morning, so she stayed home today to rest. Not that I want my kids to be sick, but it has been really nice just relaxing and doing nothing. Normally I'd be leaving right now to go pick her up, but I now I don't have to! The cool way to watch TV
Chewing on one of Caleb's mother like daughter. (No, I don't chew on Caleb's toys! I just used to chew on my sisters' barbie's hands and mess them up!)

birthday festivities...

"Thanks Mom and Dad!"

"Get this thing off my head....and no I won't smile so you can just get one cute picture with it on!"

Claire standing in the bucket with all the Wii stuff so she can watch Backyardigans!

Jeff on his bday with his DELICIOUS banana cream pie, made by me!

Claire's dress (thanks Ninnie) kept getting stuck under her knees, so she improvised!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

30% off

For 30% off at Gap, Old Navy and Banana HERE

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Yes, another one this week. And actually I never said happy birthday to Kali (niece) on Friday...the first week in March is a crazy one!

did I really post that picture? It's actually one of several silly faces I made one day when Jeff was trying to take a picture of us! I thought it was really funny....he didn't!!

Happy birthday to my awesome husband. He's the best and I'm so lucky to have him. He's smart, a super hard worker, successful, fun, helpful, a wonderful dad and husband, and on and on!! Thanks for all you do for us...we love you tons!!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Happy FIRST Birthday Claire!!

Where did the last year go? Claire is already ONE!! Here are some pictures of her big day! Jeff had to be in Mexico City for work, so we just had a laid back kind of day!

Yeah...finally a big girl car seat! We went and got her pictures taken in a cute little dress (I'll post them when I get them!)

So excited for her yummy cake!!

A little help blowing out the candle!

Enjoying her homemade cupcake...made with whole wheat flour and applesauce! They were actually really good. They kind of tasted more like a muffin than cake, but the kids ate them up!
Every time I tried to get close to her to get a picture, she would turn and kiss me!

Finally got one!!

One of Claire's FAVORITE things...The Backyardigans!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

pay it forward

Pay it FORWARD--How it works:

The FIRST THREE people to leave a comment on this post will receive at some point during this year a handmade gift from me....could be crafty, tasty, etc. Just made by me!

What it will be and when it will arrive will be a total surprise--to both of us.

Of course there's a catch and the CATCH is that YOU MUST PLAY TOO!

Before you leave your comment here, write a pay it forward post on your blog to keep the fun going (you can cut and paste these instructions). Then come back and let me know that you are going to play, and sit back and anticipate the arrival of your gift. It's THAT easy!Remember, only the FIRST THREE comments will qualify. Good luck!

I know you don't feel like posting this on your blog and making something for someone...but DO IT ANYWAY, it could be really fun!!

I promise it won't be a St. Patrick's Day wreath!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bachelor Extras

I saw these on the Yahoo page when I went to check my email....

To watch Good Morning America talk about The Bachelor (and see part of his explanation on Jimmy Kimmell) click here

To watch hilarious clips from Jimmy Kimmell last night click here. It's funny, but I felt a little bad for Jason because I think he is a good guy, just didn't handle the situation right last my humble opinion.

Monday, March 2, 2009


Don't read this if you haven't watched the Bachelor, or After the Final Rose. And if you haven't watched them yet...DON'T!! :)

I feel like Molly right now, "Is this for real?"

First of at least have to give it a shot. 6 weeks of a secret relationship is not trying or "fighting" for it, like Melissa said. At least see what it's like in real life before you decide you're "not right for eachother" or whatever. At least go on the "After the Final Rose" show and say things have been different, but we're going to work at it and see what happens...and if it doesn't work, fine, call Molly.

Second...Of course you're still having feelings for Molly. You were just "in love" with her and still dating her a month ago. It doesn't go away that fast. That doesn't mean you should give up on Melissa so fast. She's right, you put a ring on her finger and that means something...or at least it should! I totally agreed with everything Melissa was saying...I would have said the same!

Third...OK fine, you're not in love with Melissa anymore. But you did say that you guys could talk anytime. Why in the world would you wait and break it off on national TV in front of America and make yourself look like a total jerk? (I know you people who loved Molly are so excited right now and think he is amazing! I actually liked Molly more tonight, she was a little more real and not so fake....but still.) Not only make yourself look like a weak loser, but you put her in that position. And then 10 minutes later be kissing Molly (which I definitely could have done without)!! At least give her a heads up so she knows it's over.

Ughh! I kind of knew it was coming though. Jeff had been reading the discussion board on the bachelor site and he read before the show that Jason was going to do that....but I had a little more faith in him. I didn't think he really would!

And how glad is Jillian right now that she went home last week? I said that though...if you're going to be sent home, it's much better to be sent home on the second to last week than the last week. Or maybe it is better to be sent home on the final night, so he can come ask you for a second chance on "After the Final Rose"!!!

I was glad Molly didn't say "Yes" right away. I'm glad she said, "What about Melissa?" It showed class I think.

Ok, no more "the most dramatic". I think that was it and they're not going to beat it! You can't get a whole lot more dramatic!


The baby is me!

Happy birthday to an AMAZING mom and grammy! You're the best and we love you so much! We wish you were here to celebrate it with us again this year! Hope you have a FABULOUS day!