Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Happy Halloween!

We had a long week of Hallween this year.  We had our ward Halloween party the weekend before Halloween.  Then Wednesday was Hallween parties and parade at school (parent/teacher conferences Thursday and no school Friday), then Trick or Treating at Jeff's work on Friday.  Then Trick or Treating around the neighborhood on Saturday...since Halloween was on Sunday.

Trick or Treating Saturday didn't last very long.  We went to a few houses on our street and a couple around the corner.  It had rained a little earlier so we were trying to get it done between rains.  We had only gone to 6 or 7 houses when the sky in the distance was looking a little spooky.  There was thunder and lightning but it was pretty far away.  Jeff said we should go home because it looked like the storm was coming fast.  I said we'd be fine, let's just go to a few more houses (we were around the block from our house).  Jeff disagreed, so he ran home to get the car.  Within a minute after he left, the sky looked scary.  Caleb was saying, "I don't feel comfortable.  I should have gone with Daddy to get the car."  We were in front of a house and the kids wouldn't even go up to the door to get candy because they were scared.   So I pushed Carson and Claire in the stroller and Chloe and Caleb ran to a house in our ward where they had the garage door open.  Within about 30 seconds of getting there, it started HAILING like crazy.  It was insane how much hail was pouring out of the sky. Jeff pulled up a minute later and waited in  the car for a few minutes because it was so bad.  I'll admit this one time that Jeff was right!
The great thing was that we were at the Bate's house and Kelly was frying yummy scones for everyone in her garage like she does every Halloween, and she had hot chocolate (with whipped favorite).  So we got to eat yummy food while we waited for it to calm down enough to load up the car!
 Decorating Pumpkins
 Claire's is the little pumpkin.  Chloe and Caleb shared the other pumpkin so it was 2-sided.  They had bigger pumpkins that they painted.  This is Caleb's side.
 Chloe's side of the pumpkin.
 Halloween Parade at school.  Caleb is Mario....not surprising given his love of all the Mario games!
Chloe the Fairy.  She was a couple different things this Halloween!

 I made Caleb's Mario costume.  It cost me only about $4 for the buttons.  I had the rest of it already at home!  I thought it turned out pretty cute!  And it lasted through wearing it to 4 different Halloween functions!
 Tinkerbell Claire.  We had to fight to get this costume on her.  She wore it the day before to Jeff's work Trick or Treating, but wanted nothing to do with it for trick or treating around the neighborhood.  I had her hair done cute the day before, but I settled for getting the costume on!
 The witch trying to look mean and Mario.

Chloe the witch, Mario Caleb, Carson the monkey and Tinkerbell Claire

 Notice the Giants shirt underneath!

 My beautiful witch with fake purple and black eyelashes!

Claire and Carson.  Whenever I lay Carson down anywhere, Claire is almost always there within seconds laying next to him.  She LOVES her baby brother!