Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I LOVE how Claire says Chloe..."CoCo". It is so cute. Claire calls Chloe's name all the time, when she wakes up and hasn't seen Chloe yet, while Chloe's at school, etc.

Claire may be our best cheerleader. She says "Rah, Rah Rah" and "Go Cougars" with such excitement and a lot of times when we don't even tell her to. They're never too young to train right?

She also likes to snuggle her babies and say "Awww" in her high pitch way while she rocks them back and forth! (excuse the mess...it was clean earlier!)

She's so much fun!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Random happenings lately...

BYU football of course! Claire is actually quite the little cheerleader!

Hannah and her family came and we had a surprise party for her 9th birthday!!
Me and Caleb on his fieldtrip to the Big Red Barn

Caleb and his little buddy Trey

Me and Chloe on the way to her field trip at Kennecott Copper Mine. It was fun, even though our bus broke down and we had to get a new one!! :)

The mine. They say that the dump truck right there is as big as a house.

Chloe's class in front of a wheel from a dump truck.
Miniature Golfing

Claire the spectator!
Drive up Payson Canyon to see all the changing leaves!
Payson Lakes
Chloe and Brenna sharing a coat this morning at their friend's baptism. Silly girls!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Red Ribbon Week

Crazy Sock Day....They had a winner each day for who was the best dressed up and Chloe won for Crazy Socks!!!

Backwards day...

I french braided Chloe's hair from the back to the front

Wear Red Day....

Needless to say, she won on Wear Red Day too!! She looked pretty awesome!! It was fun getting her dressed up. We both get really into it!!