Tuesday, July 28, 2009

FUN trip!!!

Jeff had a business trip to Dana Point, CA and I decided to go with him...WITHOUT KIDS!! We haven't done anything, except for overnight in Salt Lake City, without kids since our honeymoon.

I couldn't pass it up, he was staying at a super nice resort that was about a mile walk from the beach (and it was a pretty walk through a park and the golf course), nice pools, super nice VERY CLEAN rooms without the nasty cheesy comforter that who knows when the last time it was washed was. I don't really like hotels, but this is one I would go to again in a second!

Notice the bright white comforter...if it was dirty, you would totally be able to see it!

They cleaned the room twice a day and in the evening laid out bathrobes, slippers and chocolates.

The bathrooms were so luxurious. And the shampoo and conditioner was good quality stuff...not the Pert 2 in 1 stuff.
At the beach...I had been spending a LOT of time at the pool and beach and got a pretty good tan. Jeff on the other hand went golfing the first day (sock tan) and had meetings during some of other days. His legs got pretty burned this day.

At the beach.

View from the walk to the beach. It was SO pretty. Jeff golfed on the golf course you see here.

The hotel and courtyard area

On the last day! I could have stayed a couple more, I wasn't ready to go home yet! Although when I would hear other kids playing, I missed my kids. Then I would think, "How in the world do people afford to bring their whole family here?" It was crazy expensive for everything.

We heard on the news that the waves were going to be huge the last day we were there, so we walked down to the beach to see them. It was pretty amazing. And it was fun to watch the surfers.
One of the pools. This is the adult only pool, they also had a family pool and a lap pool by the gym. I loved that they would set up your chair for you at the pool and had pitchers of lemon water that I used to fill up my water bottle!
I read a lot at this pool and swam laps in the lap pool! I love swimming!! :)
It wasn't really my style to be treated like royalty and not how I'd want it to be all the time, but it was nice for a few days!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Caleb's new GLASSES!!!

He was having fun being silly when I was trying to get a good picture!!
Caleb had his kindergarten check-up a couple weeks ago and we found out we needed to go to the optometrist. We did and found out that he needs glasses! We picked them up on Friday. He is really excited about them, but I think he gets tired of wearing them and has a hard time keeping them on all the time.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Happy BIrthday Daryl!

Jeff's dad's birthday was yesterday! I decided last minute to make a funny cake instead of a normal 9x13, so I threw this together pretty quick. I used the barbie doll cake pan to make the hill. And the frosting was cream cheese, not the best to decorate with. I found a picture of I think Tommy LaSorta falling down, then glued Daryl's head (a picture of him sleeping on New Year's Eve) onto the falling body. I thought it was pretty funny...then again, I think a lot of things are funny!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

busy, busy....

June was a crazy, but fun, month for us!

First we went to California to see my family for a week.

Then Jeff and I flew back so that I could go to Girl's Camp and he could work. We left the kids with my parents for the week. The kids had so much fun staying there ...

Beavers chewed this tree...crazy!

The last night!

I flew back on the 27th to Cali...
Claire eating cake from her cousin Kyler's birthday party

Chloe lost her tooth! She wrote a note to the toothfairy that said, "I need $2 and a surprise candy..." She's getting demanding!!

Caleb, Mason and Avery hangin out with Grammy in their jammies in the morning

Jeff flew back out on the 1st and then we spent the 4th of July with my fam!

For some reason, the rest of my pictures won't upload. I'll try later.
Thanks Mom and Dad for all of your help with the kids and for your yummy food, swimming pool, etc.!! We had so much fun and I know the kids had a blast without us. I'm glad we could leave them with you, especially when Claire was sick! THANK YOU!!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Pitting cherries is VERY messy...and yes I pitted every cherry to make 14 jars of jam by hand!
I was making Cherry Jam (which actually turned out yummy...I think), and Chloe and Caleb were making up a play and they didn't want Claire messing it up so....

they blocked her in with toys so she couldn't get out...doesn't she look happy about it?