Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Trip to California

Grams was SO happy to see the kids. She just totally lit up. The stroke made her unable to talk and she was very weak, but when I got there with the kids, she got up the strength to reach for Claire and kiss her and to high 5 Caleb. It was really neat.
Claire and Grams fell asleep together on her bed. Claire was such a good baby and stayed on the bed with Grams for over 2 hours.

Yes, my little fish. She insisted on going swimming. The water was SOOOO cold. I thought for sure she'd be out in about 30 seconds, but no, I had to tell her to get out after a while. And this never happens to her but when she got out her lips were
blue for a couple hours.

Caleb and Abbie didn't last quite as long as Chloe. And she even went swimming again the next day and kept asking for a few days after that...CRAZY girl!!

The Harvest Festival.
Abbie the Pirate, Hannah the Troll, Batman Caleb, Chloe the witch, Cassidy the bunny, Claire the ladybug and Ashlyn.
My mom's ward has this every year and it's kind of fun because everyone brings their kids that are married with kids there too. It's fun to see people.

Our little ladybug!!!

The witch and Batman.

The kids LOVED Uncle Bill. He's my dad's brother that lives in Ohio, so they almost never see him but he is great with the kids and they had so much fun playing with him!

Cute little Claire...I love babies in the bath!!
This is Claire and her little cousin Cassidy (Lindsey's). Claire is 2 1/2 months older than Cassidy but they're the same size. Well, same length but Cassidy actually weighs a couple pounds more than Claire!
Cassidy, Chloe and Claire

What a great big brother!

Thursday, October 23, 2008


My grandma, Grams, passed away yesterday almost 3 weeks before her 90th birthday! She was an amazing lady and will be greatly missed!!

She had a stroke on Sept. 29th. I flew out to California last Thursday and was able to see her a couple times. She was so happy to see the kids and Claire laid with her and played with her for about 2 hours the first time we went down. And Claire, my dad and I went to the hospital on Monday and she again was so excited to see Claire and played with her. It was very sweet! I'm so glad I was able to come out here to see her and be with my family.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

So exciting....

Are you so excited??

I just finished the 3rd book last night! (I know...I'm probably way behind the rest of you!)

Monday, October 6, 2008


Claire is now 7 months old! Wow, I can't even believe it. She is still such a sweet baby. She's super happy and smiley and is laughing more and more all the time! She got her second tooth on last Thursday, so now there are two on the bottom! They are SO cute, and no biting yet so that's good! She's not quite sitting up completely on her own. She can for a second but if she gets off balance at all she falls over...soon though I think!

I was trying to get a good shot of her teeth!

Totally Tubular Dude!

We went to an 80's Birthday party on Friday night! Here are our outfits...how gross do we look, well at least me! It was fun, probably would have been better if I knew people (it was someone Jeff knows)! It was seriously the craziest party. It was at the Red Barn at Thanksgiving Point. They had old movie posters with lights around them all over the walls, there was a DJ with 80's music videos playing on a big projector screen, it was catered, they rented a photo booth ( you know the kind where it takes 4 pictures of you and you get a strip of shots), and then a scrapbook table where you could cut a picture off and glue it in the scrapbook with a message, awesome decorations, life-size pictures of the birthday boy in the 80's, the centerpieces were big glass vases filled with full size candy (like good n plenty, sixlets, ring pops...all the old candies!), and more. Pretty impressive. Jeff asked me if I was going to throw him a party like that when he turned 40....I told him, "Sure if you're the CEO of Xango!" (that's whose party it was)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

6 month pictures...