Wednesday, August 3, 2011

APRIL 2011

April Fool's Day...
 Ever since I tricked the kids with the meatloaf and potato cupcakes and dessert hamburgers, they expect something for April Fool's Day.  This year it was mini eggs and bacon (eggs-white chocolate and reese's pieces.  bacon-tootsie rolls and caramel).  And Doughnut seeds (cheerios).  The back of the package had instruction on how to plan them, etc.

Spring Break trip to California...
 Claire, Abbie and Cassidy at John's Incredible Pizza

 Carson and Papa

 Chloe, Caleb and Claire at the Jelly Belly Factory

 In front of the Ronald Reagan made out of Jelly Belly's

 Jeff and I went to the Sacramento Temple

 Caleb and Jeff at Leatherby's.....YUM!
 Claire and Kyler

 Our little fish named Chloe wanted to swim in the freezing April water at Grammy's house.  She's crazy and stayed in for at least half an hour til we made them get out.

 Aunt Chrysta letting Carson feel the water....I don't think he liked it!

 Claire and Cassidy
Some of the other kids were crazy enough to join Chloe...they had a great time!

 Caleb was the smart one.  He felt it with his toes and I think he really wanted to get in, he just couldn't make himself do it.  I held his hands and dipped him a couple times, but that was enough for him.


Activity Days day camp...
 This was Chloe's first day camp and she had SO much fun.
Chloe and her good friend Brenna

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